Selling your home, while reducing stress is not easy. It takes time and planning, and there are steps that you need to follow, as you prepare to list your home on the market.

1. Learn the Value of your Home

Homes beset by outdoor beauty, often have a high price. Demand will be high, but understanding what your home is worth is more complex, than just simply relying on market demand to create a price.

Our team has found continued success by generating an in-depth awareness of the audience, the special attributes of the house, the location, and then pairing them together to create the right result – a successful sale for the client and a resident who has a goal for long-term use.

That’s why it’s important to consider all the variables, the location, the unique aspects of the property and where it is located. These variables mean you can develop a bigger picture, not only of the value of the home but how to increase this value to generate the right results.

2. Do your homework

After hiring the right team, you will have a number of things that you will need to do, to get your home ready for sale. Here are some tips for you to consider:

  • Market your home right – Your house will be in competition with others, that’s why you will want to give yourself every advantage.
  • Keep it clean – A clean home makes a great impression and shows that the house has been well looked after.
  • Give the home a fresh coat of paint – By freshening up the home with a good coat of paint adds value. It presents a positive image of your house and can make for a successful sale.

Remember, you know your home better than anyone else and don’t forget to share these facts. The attributes and location of your home are unique. Sell your home the right way and pass on new memories to another owner.

3. Negotiate

Successfully negotiating a real estate transaction is just as much an art, as it is science. Our specialists are skilled negotiators who can help you get the highest price a potential buyer will pay on the best terms, shortest contingencies and lowest seller closing costs. Once offers are received, it’s important to have an industry team with a proven track record of delivering value – they can then ensure you get the best final sale price for your property.

Our unique industry leading home sales system was developed to provide our clients with a proven method to prepare their homes for sale, price them appropriately and get the deal done at the highest price possible – all in the shortest timeframe.